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[S3E18] Cabin Fever

House jerry-rigs instruments to perform the procedure, showing the liquid is clear. House makes another broadcast informing all passengers that they must be isolated when exhibiting symptoms such as fever and tremors in the left hand. When several passengers' hands begin to shake uncontrollably, House notes that none of them have bacterial meningitis but are exhibiting mass hysteria and that if they all relax, their symptoms will soon disappear. To prove his point, he reminds Cuddy that left-hand tremor is not a symptom of meningitis or anything else. The fluid from the lumbar shows no evidence of infection, and even the rashes are psychosomatic. He suggests "drinks all around" at the airline's expense as the perfect solution. Cuddy starts feeling better almost immediately. However, the Korean man is still sick, and House has no idea why.

[S3E18] Cabin Fever




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