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Quick, Before It Melts

In the case of recently liquified hydrogen (which is quite cold of course) it must be re-equilibrated before loading on to a rocket as fuel to avoid a sudden exothermic equilibration of the ratio of the ortho- and para- forms. This is because the nuclear spin degree of freedom (singlet vs triplet) initially remains hot even when the other degrees of freedom of the molecule are cold.

Quick, Before It Melts

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The effects of MWCNT addition on the crystalline microstructure of the PEU-PLA blend composite were further studied by WAXS (Figure S5, see in Supplementary Materials). For the neat blend PEU70PLA30, the diffraction pattern exhibited clear peaks at 2θ = 21.7 and 24.2 and a shoulder at 22.5, yielding χc = 18.2 0.3%. The peaks were assigned to the PBA crystalline polymorphs (α form and β form) as indicated in the literature [49,50]. The fact that the characteristic peaks associated with crystalline PLA did not appear may be attributed to the low amount of PLA present in this system. All peaks associated with crystalline polymer disappeared at 55 C, as expected, given that this exceeds the melting point of PBA as observed via DSC (Tm = 49 C). For the composite PEU70PLA30MWCNT14, the addition of MWCNTs resulted in no significant changes in the position and shape of the polymer peaks. For the unfilled blend, no peaks associated with crystalline PLA were observed. The most noticeable change was a characteristic peak associated with the MWCNTs at 2θ = 26 [51]. While, as before, all crystalline polymer peaks disappeared at 55 C, the MWCNT peak remained, as expected. 041b061a72


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