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With its ancient history, exceptional purity and amazing combination of minerals and trace elements, Himalayan Pink Salt is incredibly beneficial for supporting and maintaining health and well being. Himalayan Salt is so versatile; its therapeutic qualities can be obtained through Himalayan Salt Lamps, cooking, salt inhalers and bath salts.


Salt lamps are pet friendly, just remember everything in moderation if your pet enjoys licking your salt lamp. EXCESS amounts of salt for pets is not healthy. Many times pets are attracted to a salt lamps ambiance, and it is perfectly fine for them to lay beside them. Many people use salt lamps to combat pet dander and odors.

When it comes to salt lamps, the designs and shapes are endless. Make sure you do your research on the shapes available and then it's all about your personal preference. You can buy a lamp that features an organic, natural shape, or sleek geometric shapes (like obelisks or pyramids) or animal shapes like this #1 selling cat salt lamp or unique styles like this firebowl or basket salt lamp.

If mishandled your salt lamp will blow bulbs frequently and even worse, not provide you any of the health benefits that it was meant to, which is a major reason why you use them right? So read on to see how YOU can avoid that...

You can also browse our salt lamp replacement bulbs which are the highest quality bulbs available, we explain the important details on getting the best salt lamp bulbs in Our Lamps page. A 6 pack of salt lamp bulbs would be perfect as that will last you a very long time compared to just getting one replacement.

When it comes to the bulbs for salt lamps, NOT ALL BULBS ARE EQUAL. There is a massive difference between different salt lamp bulbs. At the salt lamp shop we get the highest quality Taiwanese bulbs, built to last and perform. Most sellers will cut costs and compromise quality. To read more about this visit Our Lamps page to see what makes our lamps different.

Keeping your lamp close to you in your bedroom is a great way to use your salt lamp. Salt lamps have a range of effect that depends on their size. But the closer you get, the more intense the benefits will be for you.

They have a softer more relaxing glow as the light is spread through a larger amount of crystal salt giving a richer red. Why not get the best of both worlds? We recommend getting one large lamp paired with two small lamps for the best results.

Unlike their common light pink brethren these dark red Himalayan salt lamps are truly beautiful works of nature and are revered for their unique color. Salt crystals are mined 5,000 feet below the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range and have been subjected to enormous pressure for hundreds of millions of years. They are over 98% pure ancient ocean salt and are ideal for use in creating negative ionization and air purification when gently warmed by a 15 watt light bulb. Each lamp is unique unto itself in shape and size. Our extra dark Himalayan lamps cast a warm glow when viewed in a darkened room.

The Salt Cellar, located in Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME offers premium gourmet sea salts, bath and spa products made with Dead Sea minerals, home decor & gifts including gift sets, Himalayan Salt Blocks, & Himalayan Salt Lamps.

The Salt Lamp Shop is a 100% family owned and operated business. All of our lamps are hand crafted and sourced from the purest veins of Himalayan salt from deep within the mountains. We practice ethical sourcing of salt lamps and support fair wages for the local miners.

If you're buying a salt lamp for the first time, the UMAID Rectangle Salt Lamp (view at Amazon) is a solid choice. Featuring a classic design, it may help ease stress and anxiety. Plus, it comes with a dimmer switch for a custom light level. The Sister Candle Co. Tealight Candle Holders (view at Etsy) are another option if you're looking for something more unique. A great way to break away from electrical cords, they can be placed anywhere around your home.

A salt lamp is carved out of authentic crystals of pink salt from the accumulated mines at the foothills of the Himalayas. The crystalline forms are hand excavated by experts and given the shape of a decorative lamp.

Alight bulb with electrical wiring is implemented inside to make the salt lamp a functional one. When the light is turned on, the salt lamp dimly illuminates the room and cast a lovely mystical light all around.

Natural salt lamps are one of the newest trends in alternate wellness therapy that people around the world are embracing. They are believed to be greatly beneficial for your health as well as to your surrounding environment. The goodness of the natural elements in these unique light lamps is known for doing wonders for several physical and mental ailments.

At,The Lamp Life, you can get your hands on a wide variety of natural salt lamps.Our rock salt lamp come in different weights, sizes, and looks. We source our rock salt lamp from the most responsible and organic sources to bring you a completely genuine and unadulterated experience with our products.

It is widely accepted that rock salt lamp contributes towards better air quality. Negative ions created by the heat of the lamp and the absorbed water molecules in the salt help freshen the air in the area the salt lamp is placed. You can expect the air to be as clean and refreshing as the air near the sea or by a mountainous waterfall. Anyone suffering from respiratory conditions such as dust allergies or asthma can benefit greatly from the presence of salt crystal lamp in the room.

The health benefits of rock salt lamp are all mostly interconnected with each other. They help with negative ionization, which helps purify the air and relieve stress. Additionally, the illumination from these lamps cast a very soothing and comfortable light which is perfect for allowing the mind to rest. It is a known bit of fact that bright lights are not the best thing to have around your bed as it can severely affect your sleeping habit. It can cause the eye to dry up as well as delay the production of melatonin hormone which helps the body to sleep. But the light that salt crystal lamp produce is of the perfect wavelength to have for better sleep at night.

Due to modern-day technology, we are always surrounded by high-level radiations of EMF (Electromagnetic Force), which is radiated by Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, LCD TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, and a variety of other electrical appliances that we use every day at our homes. These EMFs are extremely high in positive ions and therefore pollute the air to a large extent. Moreover, they can cause hormonal imbalances in our body and are known to cause stress, fatigue, and even cancer. Rock salt lamps, on the other hand, are not only a sustainable source of lighting which does not produce EMF, but also helps in fighting the positive ions with its negative ions. It helps neutralize harmful energy throughout your house if you manage to keep salt lamps around.

The ambience of a home has an underappreciated contribution to human health and wellness. Even in ailments that happen to have medicinal cures and remedies, a relaxing environment at home can help pace up the recovery. Visual therapy is a widely embraced complementary method of healing and wellness which aims to treat illnesses with the healthy glow of light in several wave ranges of warm colours. Rock salt lamps glow in lovely shades of pink and sometimes in reds, oranges, and apricots. They can be helpful for several human conditions including several mental disorders, autism, dementia, insomnia, and many others.

So where do real salt lamps come from? Authentic Himalayan salt is sourced from the mines that run deep into the mountainous region of norther Pakistan, in the foot hills of the Himalayan mountain range.

This is the only place in the world where pink salt is found - and the origin of all authentic salt lamps - your seller should disclose the origin either as a stamp on the bottom of the lamp, in a brochure or otherwise.

This is not to judge inexpensive products as low-quality items, however a real Himalayan salt lamp costs between $40-60. Beware of lamps being sold significantly cheaper than that, especially on eBay and Amazon where anyone can make a listing.

There are authentic white himalayan salt lamps as well, but these are rare and as expected, pricey. A salt lamp with a white crystal should be more expensive than a pink Himalayan salt lamp of similar size. If it's the same, or cheaper, it's likely a fake.

An authentic Himalayan salt lamp has a warm and cozy colour, a little dim in some parts, but is definitely not overly bright. It should not emit too much light the way an incandescent bulb does.

The light from real salt lamps is also uneven because the salt structure is uneven in its natural form. Your lamp should do the same, to test this just rotate the lamp slowly and see if the light patterns on the wall change. If it's all even, you may have a fake on your hands.At times it may seem like your salt lamp is losing colour as well. This is also a bad sign indicating your salt lamp was not genuine.

This one should be approached with caution. Because not everyone is going to experience any real health improvements from their salt lamps, and even if they do not everyone will notice them right away. So be careful when judging the authenticity of your lamp by this measuring stick. However, most people should notice a difference within 2 weeks of getting their salt lamp. As long as your lamp was an appropriate size for you room you will notice the cleaner air, less moisture and the like.

Salt is a heavy mineral. Your salt lamp should be quiet heavy. If you notice that you can easily pick up and handle your salt lamp even though it is on the larger side, then there is a good chance that it's made from imitation salt and not the real deal.

Usually salt lamps are of a pinkish orange colour. This can vary though since different blocks of himalayan salt mined from different parts of the mine can have variations in colour. However they all have a certain depth and earthiness in their appearance. An authentic salt lamp should not be too even in it's colour or pure pink or red. If your lamp is pure pink or red, or it has a a strong plastic-like shine, it could be a fake. 041b061a72


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