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Keep Breathing - Season 1

Should season two get the go-ahead, the series is likely to fall into a very different vein to the first outing as it might be too far-fetched to imagine Liv thrown into another perilous situation again.

Keep Breathing - Season 1

As of right now, Keep Breathing has not been canceled or renewed by Netflix. As mentioned above, it does not seem super likely that the show will get a second season unless it gets remarkable viewership numbers. But even then, it feels like a pretty tight, open-and-closed story.

Liv appears to be rescued at the end of the season and we also see a glimpse of what life might look like for her in the future as she has her baby with Danny. If the show did return, perhaps we would get to see how Liv will be as a mother. We could see how she works through her residual trauma from her own mother leaving her and perhaps even meet her mom in person in the present.

GERO: Money is useless to her. It's also heavy, so she's not going to put some of it in her bag as she walked out because having anything on your back for more than 20 minutes is too much. Then she drops [her] bag eventually. She didn't take the drugs because she was pregnant and she didn't burn the money because it could keep her warm.

Liv is shown falling from a really tall tree. Her shirt rips on a branch, and she hits the ground hard with blood on her back. She screams in pain on the ground (and wears a revealing tank top). She clearly has internal bleeding (we can see the bruises on her stomach) and a severely damaged ankle. Visions of her loved ones help her push through the pain and keep walking, bleeding all over the trees.

"The Trick Is to Keep Breathing" is the ninth episode of the second season of One Tree Hill and the 31st produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on November 16, 2004. Although Lucas takes Anna as his date to the Tree Hill High Formal, he finds himself with Brooke at the end of the night. Meanwhile, Haley's musical obligations to Chris cause her to arrive late to the formal, which angers Nathan. Peyton finds herself struggling with the growing temptation to turn to drugs.

Peyton rips up the photo of Jake giving up hope of his return as Anna comes in to see if Peyton is ok and apologizes for how she behaved at the party. She asks about the drugs but Peyton assures her she didn't use them and has only done them once. Anna confides in Peyton telling her about Lucas and her and wonders why relationships are so hard, but Peyton says it's harder being alone. Lucas finds Brooke alone on the beach, Lucas tries to cheer her up saying that she is a really clever person, not the idiot she thinks she is as she knows herself. He offers Brooke a lift home and she refuses, but quickly changes her mind realizing she has no car. Dan packs his bags at Debs and tells her he lied to keep her close, he goes to leave as Deb tells him he can stay to get their family back together. Haley returns home to read the letter from High Flyers and that Nathan did actually get in, she calls Nathan, ashamed of her argument but Nathan rejects her call. Anna tells Peyton it is hard to be herself when they continually move and Peyton offers her a place to stay for the night, so they aren't alone. Brooke and Lucas arrive at her house and they get along like friends, Brooke offers to be proper friends again and Lucas happily agrees. As they hug and Brooke leaves the car, Felix watches them from his window.

At the moment, it doesn't look like Keep Breathing will have a second season. Netflix billed the show as a "limited series," which suggests there were no plans for another season during production of the first season.

Before renewing any season, Netflix reviews data regarding the viewership of the show; for example how many people watched it. More often than not, based on this data, Netflix can quickly decide regarding cancellations and renewals of a show. But this can take months, so watch this space.

I know for me, when I start binging a show, and I'm like, 'oh my gosh, this is going to take me 15 hours to watch this first season.' It's got to be really great for me to invest my time. Whereas our show is kind of bite-size. So it's really not a huge commitment. You can just say, well, 'I'm into this, let's finish it tonight.'

Oh, well yeah, there's a lot going on. I'm very excited and thrilled to be working with my friends at UTV here, and we've got a bunch of stuff in the cooker that, hopefully, we can talk about. How do you keep all that afloat? And you're also a part of Kung Fu, and there's so much going on. How do you manage all that?

It honestly allows you to not burn out on one thing and keep the enthusiasm for all of them going. And then they all sort of kind of cross-pollinate where you're like, 'oh, you know what, we're doing that on Kung Fu.'

Netflix billed the show as a "limited series", which suggests there were not any plans for another season during production. Plus, it's difficult to imagine what a second season of the show would look like, as she seemed to have made peace with her own demons during the show and it's hard to imagine how she could find her way into another life-or-death situation.

But she keeps coming back to the location she had already walked through. Therefore, she goes back to the base location to think of a better way to get there, instead of going in circles. She remembers how they were taught to make a compass in the girl scouts club with a magnetic needle, cork and water.

The next day, she takes all her stuff with enough food & water and gets on her way. But the luggage is too heavy so keeps on dropping the stuff out of it to make the bag light and mark her track as well. However, midway she realises that the needle has lost its magnetic strength, when she comes back to the track with her belongings.

Brendan Gall: Originally, our intention was to keep Liv in the present and not see any of her backstory, and only get the tiniest little slivers of who this person was through what she brought with her and the few things she would say to herself. We truly pictured it being a very, very silent story in a lot of ways. Then all these other things started to emerge as we craved them, essentially. We craved finding out who she was, and where she came from, and what brought her to this place. And we craved dialogue.

Given the way things are currently, Keep Breathing is not officially renewed for a second season. However, the way things were left in a cliffhanger in season 1, renewal could be just around the corner. The season ended with a shot of Liv exuding more determination and will to survive than ever before to get back to Danny.

Before renewing any season, Netflix extols data regarding the viewership of the show. For instance, it gains data regarding how many people watched it and more. More often than not, based on this data, Netflix can quickly decide regarding cancellations and renewals of a show. But sometimes, it can also take months to announce the future of a show.

So far, we do not have any confirmed information regarding the renewal of season 2. We can only guess that there might be one based on how things ended in its predecessor. However, season 1 has not been spared by some harsh critics, so it becomes quite difficult to say anything concrete as of now.

POTSDAM, NY -The Dartmouth women's hockey team scored two power play goals in the first twoperiods and held off Clarkson with a pair of late goals to come away with a big4-1 win to keep its playoff hopes alive.

Dartmouth(12-13-2, 9-11-1 ECAC Hockey) got a power play goal and an assist from seniorco-captain Jenna Cunningham (Medicine Hat, Alta.) and junior Amanda Trunzo(Andover, Minn.) added a goal and an assist as well. Senior co-captain Sarah Parsons (Dover, Mass.) netted the other goal on the man advantage. FreshmanSasha Nanji (Markham, Ont.) collected two assists and sophomore Jenna Hobeika(Alpine, N.J.) added a goal in the win. Senior Mariel Lacina (London, Ont.)faced 23 shots and saved 22 of them for her eighth win of the season.

The leaddidn't last long for Clarkson as Parsons evened the score at 1-1 with 5:37remaining in the opening period on her sixth power play goal of the year.Parsons extended her point streak to a season-high five games with her 19thgoal of the season. Assists went to Nanji and Trunzo.

Dartmouthgot its first lead at 2-1 in the second period with Cunningham finding the backof the net on the power play with 8:27 left. The Dartmouth co-captain now has18 goals on the season and the Big Green posted two power play goals for theninth time this year. Nanji was involved once again with classmate Camille Dumais(Beaconsfield, Que.) adding an assist as well.

In the thirdperiod, the Big Green got a huge insurance goal from Hobeika to make it 3-1with 6:08 remaining in the game. Freshman Lisa Berreman (Eagan, Minn.) andsophomore Erica Dobos (Bethel Park, Pa.) recorded the assists as Berreman gother fourth helper in her first campaign, while Dobos continues to add to acareer-high year with third assist of the season.

To seal thedeal, Trunzo scored an empty net goal with less than a minute remaining as theBig Green came away with a big 4-1 win over the sixth-ranked Golden Knights tokeep breathing in the playoff hunt. Cunningham was given the lone assist togive her two points on the night.

Dartmouthhad one of its best defensive games of the season, allowing just 23 shots,including just four in the final period. The Big Green did a great job stayingout of the penalty box past the first period. Dartmouth gave Clarkson only twochances on the man advantage and both came in the opening period. The GoldenKnights also stayed out of the box, but the Big Green made them pay with twopower play goals in three opportunities.

Yale felloff the pace with a 1-0 loss to Quinnipiac and fell two points behindDartmouth, but Colgate remains one point behind the Big Green after escaping witha 2-1 win over Union. Going into the final day of the regular season, Dartmouthfaces St. Lawrence, who fell to Harvard tonight, while the Raiders face a muchimproved Rensselaer squad. The Engineers lost to Cornell tonight, who took overthe top spot in the league with the Clarkson loss. 041b061a72


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