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Awpcp Pro Pack Nulled 43


awpcp pro pack nulled 43

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Category Icons comes with Silk's FabFabFab icon pack (courtesy of Dan Caragea) with hundreds of choices. You can also use your own by substituting your own images under this caticons directory and AWPCP will recognize them accordingly. 16x16 works best, although you can use larger images if you make some HTML adjustments to the layout.

.awpcp_featured_ad_wrapper border: 2px solid #00cc00 !important;/* IF you want to insert a backround image, then use the following line of CSS: *//* Uncomment it, change the image name, then put your image in the featured ads plugin directory *//* or just uncomment it to use the default light green background color in the default image */background:url("featured_ads.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

Subscriptions module gives you the ability to offer ad "packages" to your users. Instead of just buying one ad at a time, users can have many ads active at once (depending on how you define their packages). These packaged ads give users more flexibility to place multiple ads at once and have them all running at the same time. They can change these ads and continue to renew them all within the life of a single subscription. This is a great way to engage power users or offer bulk ad placement for high-value users.

If you want your users to be able to add credit to the their accounts, you need to define Credit Plans. A credit plan is what allow users to exchange real money for credits in your website. Each plan is just package that gives to the buyer user, a number of credits for a certain price.

  • After process_payment_completed or process_payment_canceled have been called, the plugin continues handling the payment transaction and will let the user post the listing, if the payment was successful, or show him an error, if the payment failed.Integration by Custom Form (Authorize.Net)process_payment: should print the billing form, but also takes care of precessing the data entered, contacting the payment gateway's servers and consolidate the payment (update the transaction with a proper payment status).When you are done processing the payment, after you have updated the payment status of the transaction, call return awpcp_payments_api()->process_payment_completed($transaction); to let the plugin continue handing the transaction and allow the user to post the listing (if the payment was successful).

  • process_payment_completed and process_payment_cancelled are usually implemented without a body (just a return; line), because the user is never redirected during the payment transaction.

  • If the payment gateway supports notifications, the process_payment_notification method should be implemented as described in the Integration by Payment Button case.

Registering a payment gatewayRegister an action for the awpcp-register-payment-methods hook. The callback will receive an instance of the Payments_API as its only argument. You should create an instance of your Payment Gateway and pass it to the register_payment_method method. For example:

Other notable features include print listing, save bookmarks, pdf download option, custom fields, and many more. Also, you can generate money by selling listing packages as the plugin supports PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.


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