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This six-credit hour class examines a broad issue in the context of Boone and Watauga County. It combines specific academic content, skill-building workshops, and excursions to local sites for observation and interviews. You will learn the investigative techniques of interviewing and research and how to evaluate and document the results of your searches.

Search results for wrc 9

The main focus of the class is reflected in its name: you will explore, investigate, and research issues in Watauga County relevant to the academic focus of the class. Your community-based research and collaborative group work will result in reports and presentations to all freshman Wataugans.

This section proposes revisions to the Canadian Table to include the results of any applicable domestic spectrum policy decisions where no proposal was provided with respect to the modification of the Canadian Table to implement the decision, as well as revisions needed as a result of any inconsistencies found during the review of the previous CTFA. 041b061a72


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