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Antonio Shields
Antonio Shields

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you can now create multi-plane ribbon effects, allowing you to easily separate a character from a background, or keep a tamed character separate from his bow. more flexible tree brushes allow you to simplify your animation workflow, maintain a consistent look throughout your project and animate large numbers of ribbons and lines. professional audio tools and automated sound waveform tracking make it fast and easy to capture and edit audio assets. and many other new features including: 16-bit multi-channel linear color space, upscaling, rgb luts, grayscale mode, progressive viewing, color coding, pbr materials, and more.

Su Animate V4 Crack Download

this year, toon boom animation has reinvented the grading and color adjustment process to make it even more simple, powerful and consistent. now you can work with the same set of tools, whether you are a colorist in a post-production facility or an animation director. mix and match an unlimited number of channels of colors to get the exact look you want. every adjustment can be fine-tuned, previewed and applied automatically. plus, if you ever need to make a live change, your color work will instantly update in your project.

live-action track allows you to perfectly position an actor over a specific area of a frame, and add dynamic behaviors and movements. now you can measure camera center, rig your character to the ground or other elements of the scene, and easily rig multiple characters.

'paper-less' paint features allow you to easily create any 3d environment by drawing directly on the paint layer. and because you can see things from multiple angles, you can explore the space and make changes before saving to the project's file. you can now add pencil-style guides to help make artistic or procedural effects, and create tool-assisted masks to define characters, rigs or environments.


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