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LP - Other People

We had a love devout without a shred of doubtWe never worried 'bout other peopleYou broke the spell and wanted something elseWell, go fuck yourself with other peopleOther people

LP - Other People

Oh, baby it's just your bodyGo, lay it on everybodyThey won't be there when you're sorryOther peopleOh, baby it's just your bodyWill it know that you love somebodyWho won't be there when you're sorry?Other people

The song "Other People" by LP is about the experience of being betrayed after investing trust in someone. The narrator acknowledges that they never tried to be a hero, and that their relationship went from feeling like 'stars to zero.' Despite having a relationship "devout without a shred of doubt," the narrator's partner broke the spell and wanted something else. The narrator responds by telling their partner that they can "go fuck themselves" with other people. The bridge serves as a reminder to not try and explain the change of heart, and the chorus reiterates that the narrator never cared about this person's other relationships. The post-chorus suggests that the narrator is cautioning their partner about indulging in other relationships in the same way they did with the narrator, as ultimately that person wont be there when they need them.

Valentin Stip has a few release parties for Sigh coming up, including one in France and another here in NYC at Output on February 28 with Ben Klock and Francis Harris. Tickets for that show are available here and here. UPDATE: He has a few other dates too, all of which are listed below.

I think one of the most shocking things is how littleour elected officials knew about what the NSA was doing. Congress islearning from the reporting and that's staggering. Snowden and [former NSAemployee] William Binney, who's also in the film as a whistleblower from adifferent generation, are technical people who understand the dangers. Welaypeople may have some understanding of these technologies, but they reallygrasp the dangers of how they can be used. One of the most frighteningthings, I think, is the capacity for retroactive searching, so you can go backin time and trace who someone is in contact with and where they've been. Certainly,when it comes to my profession as a journalist, that allows the government totrace what you're reporting, who you're talking to, and where you'vebeen. So no matter whether or not I have a commitment to protect mysources, the government may still have information that might allow them toidentify whom I'm talking to.

LP: I agree that Snowdenhas presented us with choices on how we want to move forward into thefuture. We're at a crossroads and we still don't quite know which pathwe're going to take. Without Snowden, just about everyone would still bein the dark about the amount of information the government is collecting. Ithink that Snowden has changed consciousness about the dangers ofsurveillance. We see lawyers who take their phones out of meetingsnow. People are starting to understand that the devices we carry with usreveal our location, who we're talking to, and all kinds of otherinformation. So you have a genuine shift of consciousness post the Snowdenrevelations.

LP: Those are twoquestions. One is: What was my initial experience? The other: How do Ithink it impacted the movie? We've been editing it and showing it to smallgroups, and I had no doubt that he's articulate and genuine on screen. Butto see him in a full room [at the New York Film Festival premiere on the nightof October 10], I'm like, wow! He really commands the screen! And I experiencedthe film in a new way with a packed house.

"Put the pen down! The pen is dangerous!"AndI'm like, you're not... you've got to be crazy. Several people yelled at meevery time I moved my pen down to take notes as if it were a knife. After that,I decided this has gotten crazy, I'd better do something and I called Glenn. Hewrote a piece about my experiences.In response to his article, they actually backed off.

I don't quite know how to fully understand it. Ithink about this a lot because I made a film about the Iraq War and one about Guantanamo. From myperspective, in response to the 9/11 attacks, the US took a small, very radicalgroup of terrorists and engaged in activities that have created two generationsof anti-American sentiment motivated by things like Guantanamo and AbuGhraib. Instead of figuring out a way to respond to a small group ofpeople, we've created generations of people who are really angry and hateus. And then I think, if the goal is security, how do these two thingsalign, because there are more people who hate the United States right now, morepeople intent on doing us harm? So either the goal that they proclaim isnot the goal or they're just unable to come to terms with the fact that we'vemade huge mistakes in how we've responded.

TE: I don't think thatthese are people who are thinking: we need to fail to succeed. I'm notconspiratorial in that way, but I do think that, strangely, failure has builtthe system and I find that odd. More than that I don't know.

You're now in the MIDDLE of the process, this is where most of your initial work needs to happen. This early on, you want to release early and often, and not pay attention to Mozilla release schedules. Language packs are just Add-ons that offer a different language for the user interface. You can serve updates to your users on your own schedule, as with any other Add-on. Working on a language pack does come with a slightly worse user experience, though, so you want to work towards full localized builds.

We should have resolved all technical issues together and everything should be ready to get you into an official release. Sadly, you never know until you test, so we're moving all our releases through a beta stage. This is the point to reach out to as many people in your community as possible, and grow a testing community. If you need help with testing your localization on particular platforms, Mozilla's QA people will help out.

The END is also the beginning. The Mozilla project gives you room to take Firefox in your region to new heights, to grow your community, get more contributors, and much more. And then there's always the next major release, so you want to follow the progress of the project. We would also like you to tell other people about your experience so that we can grow our Localizer and Developer community so we can do this all over again :-) 041b061a72


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